Credit/Product Return Policy



Olivamed LLC prides itself on the quality of its product. Although, like everyone in business in Franklin, OH, we occasionally have situations, where the product does not meet the customer’s expectation, a mistake was made, or damage occurs during shipping. In the unlikely event this situation rises we are providing you with the policy for obtaining a credit.

The customer must immediately notify Olivamed LLC’s customer service of the problem and or dissatisfaction. Pictures of the product should be taken and provided along with the written request for resolution. Someone from our customer service department will promptly get back with you for quick resolution.

Most often damage is caused at some point in the delivery process. This occurs more frequently in LTL trucking or in a warehouse because the product is handled frequently. At the time product leaves our dock it is inspected by our shipping department during the loading process and signed off by our shipping person and signed as being accepted by the representative of the trucking company. At this time responsibility of the goods take place. I reiterate the product is in good order when it leaves our dock.

If product arrives damaged it should be refused and noted at that time. The specific damage should be written and pictures taken at that time. If this is not done before the trucking company pulls away, the product is yours and you are responsible for full and complete payment. By signing for the goods you are stating the goods arrived and are acceptable. If the product is refused and the truck driver signs for the damage he is responsible retain the product and return it to Olivamed LLC in Ohio. You should notify us immediately of the damage. The trucking company will want to and has the right to mitigate their losses through the return of the damaged product. If the product is not returned the trucking company is responsible for the full amount of the damage.

In the unlikely event the product was accepted by your warehouse and later found to be inferior in any way, mislabeled or any other alleged reason you must notify Olivamed LLC customer service immediately, verbalize the issue, segregate the product, and take pictures. Someone from customer service will work with you to resolve the situation. We will provide for the prompt pickup at our expense of the unwanted product for return to our packing facility in Franklin, Ohio. A credit will be issued only upon the return of the product to Olivamed LLC. If you use the product or a portion of the product we will issue a credit for only the product returned.

In the event you are a distributer and the issue is initiated at your end user you should request for the product to be segregated and returned to your warehouse facility, combined with other product to be returned to Olivamed LLC. We can only issue a credit for product that is returned. We will not issue a credit for product that is consumed by the end user. This conduct is prevalent and rampant in the industry and would be even greater if controls are not in place to control inappropriate conduct. Should you have any questions regarding our “credit/return” policy please do not hesitate to contact us and our customer service department will direct your call to get the answer.

Respectfully, Larry E Couchot,VP Finance

Production Policy:

Olivamed LLC is a company designed to serve the needs of our many customers. Each customer has many custom blends that we strive to produce within 10 business days after the purchase order is acknowledged and accepted by production.

This 10 day window most often begins the day after actual receipt of a purchase order. It only includes actual working days and excludes weekends and holidays. Although a ten-day production window is our commitment to each and every customer there are occasional times that due to product delivery, scheduling issues, equipment, employee absence and other unforeseen and uncontrollable events that may delay production.

We will do everything we can to notify customers of any potential delays that we anticipate, the reason for the delay and a revised production completion time. Contact us for more information.