How Private Labeling Works

September 28, 2019

You’re probably familiar with more private label products than you know. Private labeling is when a retailer creates their own brand using a third-party product—so any “store” or “generic” brand is actually a private label product.

Private label manufacturers make deals with businesses or individuals to sell their product, unattributed, under the client’s own label. For example, at Liquid Manufacturing Solutions, Inc., we contract with clients to import and distribute high-quality olive oils sold as their own brand. It’s mutually beneficial—olive oil distributors see a higher volume of sales, and retailers are able to increase their store’s offerings at a greater profit to them.

Could a private label in Ohio be right for you and your business? Want to find out if you’ve got what it takes to sell your own line? Here are some considerations you should note before taking the next step—and when you’re ready to do so, be sure to contact the team at Liquid Manufacturing Solutions, Inc.!

Choosing the right private label manufacturer

Deciding which private label manufacturer you’ll work with is the most important choice you’ll make in the process. You’ll want to do research on your target market and customer—that way, you’ll be able to create a detailed proposal before you meet with a manufacturer. You may want to go to trade shows and networking events, and not just to meet with manufacturers. This is also a great opportunity to check out the competition and see how others react to your idea.

Depending on what kind of product you’re offering, consider using specialized manufacturers in your chosen industry. For example, anyone looking to offer an olive oil under their own private label in Ohio should contact Liquid Manufacturing Solutions, Inc., as we’re experts in the field. Partnering with us guarantees purchasing the finest quality oils, as well as decades-old connections to the world’s best olive oil brokers.

Creating your own label

Starting a private label can be a risk, so we recommend easing into it with one or two lines. You should check out your store’s best sellers, and decide how you can put a unique, custom twist on that line. Perhaps your olive oil packaging will be extra luxurious, to attract those who want to give it as a gift, or you might offer sets of small bottles and unusual flavors.

Most customers rely on the consistency of branded products when shopping, so it will be important for you to show them the value of your specific private label branding in Ohio. This could be anything from charging slightly less than name brands creating a luxury experience or offering clever multi-pack deals.

Learn more about private label branding in Ohio

Do you have questions about your own private label olive oil line? Liquid Manufacturing Solutions, Inc. is a privately-owned olive oil distributor, devoted to the purchasing, packaging and fulfillment of the finest edible oils. If you’re ready to label your own olive oil line, contact us to find out more about the process and what we can do for you.

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