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The Value In Understanding Olive Oil Distribution

March 26, 2023

  The Value In Understanding Olive Oil Distribution The market for extra virgin olive oil is growing in popularity. It is becoming more widely used in food and beverages, personal care, and aromatherapy. As such, there are many benefits held in understanding how olive oil is distributed and produced. Benefits Of Olive Oil Olive oil is a complex food fat that contains a mixture of triglycerides, fatty acids and other compounds such as sterols and waxes. Olive oil has many benefits for the body including helping to improve brain health, reduce risk of heart disease and lower triglycerides. This is... View Article

Olive Oil Private Labeling – What Is Private Labeling And Why Is it Important In The Olive Oil Industry?

March 14, 2023

  Olive Oil Private Labeling – What Is Private Labeling And Why Is it Important In The Olive Oil Industry? Private labeling is a process where a manufacturer supplies goods that are packaged and sold under a different organization’s brand name. It can be used across many industries and products. Businesses often use private labeling when they are looking to expand their product offerings and add value to their customers. It can also help them build brand loyalty among their customer base. Definition Many retailers and manufacturers are turning to private labels to create products that they would not be... View Article

Filtered or Unfiltered Olive Oil? Making the Choice

February 7, 2022

Ever wonder what the difference is between filtered olive oil and unfiltered olive oil? Having a hard time choosing which type of olive oil you’ll bring home to your kitchen? To understand the difference between filtered and unfiltered, it’s important to have a basic understanding of how extra virgin olive oil is developed. After the olives are picked and washed, they get ground up into a paste that is then stirred in a process called malaxation, which results in a separation of the oil from the solids and water. This paste then gets sent into a centrifuge, where the oil... View Article

Common Olive Oil Terms to Know

December 23, 2021

Olive oil is a widely-used ingredient. It’s delicious and offers plenty of health benefits (at least in comparison to other oils), and it has a variety of flavors to complement different dishes. When it comes to different olive oil types and terms, however, not everyone is as informed. Here’s an overview of common olive oil terms, so you’ll never have to ask, “What is extra virgin olive oil?” again. Get to know these olive oil terms Here are some of the most common olive oil terms you should know: Cold-pressed: Cold pressing simply means extracting oil from the olives at... View Article

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