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Is Your Business Ready for Olive Oil Co-Packing in Ohio?

September 19, 2019

Business expansion in Ohio is an exciting yet challenging endeavor. Are you ready to move forward with your entrepreneurial efforts? If you have an oil product, you might be ready for olive oil co-packing in Ohio.

To determine if you are ready for a co-packer, ask yourself the following key questions. The answers will guide your next business decisions and how you move forward with your product sales.

Is my recipe scalable?

The creation of your oil product may seem simple to you, but you must consider if this simplicity translates to a larger scale of production. Are there any ambiguous amounts of ingredients? Does it matter if the product is manufactured by larger equipment or a different style of machinery?

If you have a precise recipe that can be reproduced, you might be ready for business expansion in Ohio.

Do I have enough demand?

Olive oil co-packing in Ohio typically involves producing large quantities of a product. Consider how much demand you currently have for your product and if this demand will be ongoing. Co-packers often require a minimum number of units.

Is this minimum feasible for you?

Keep the product’s shelf life in mind as well. If it has a long shelf life, then mass-producing more than you need now with the help of a co-packer may be worth your while, since you can save the product for future sales.

Do I have enough capital?

While olive oil co-packing in Ohio can save you money on the manufacturing aspects of production, it is not free. You must still consider the cost of ingredients, packaging, research and development, storage and shipping. Each of these costs may go up as you undergo business expansion in Ohio. Be sure you have enough capital to cover these costs before you decide on olive oil co-packing in Ohio.

Do I understand the process of olive oil co-packing in Ohio?

Each co-packer may have their own agreements and terms, so be sure you understand the process before agreeing to olive oil co-packing in Ohio. Even if you are not ready for business expansion in Ohio now, gaining a better understanding of your options will be helpful in the future. As your business grows, you’ll have a good handle on your options for co-packing.

What are my business goals?

Do you hope to distribute your product worldwide? Do you have any plans to open your own packaging facility? Consider what you want the future of your company to look like, as this should guide your decisions about how to handle business expansion in Ohio today.

Only the Best

If you decide that olive oil co-packing in Ohio is right for your business, contact the professionals at Liquid Manufacturing Solutions, Inc. We are a local, privately owned business in southeast Ohio that specializes in olive oil distribution. We carry a variety of oils, including olive, extra virgin olive, canola, soy and sunflower, so our clients can blend to create their own signature brand. Consider us your boutique oil packing company for commercial distribution. Call now for a free quote!

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