How to Make a Homemade Olive Oil Vinaigrette

February 12, 2020

A vinaigrette is an extremely versatile type of salad dressing, one that is also much healthier than other types of store-bought salad dressings that are packed with unnecessary calories and carbs. It’s light, flavorful and easy to tweak with different vinegars to give you different flavor profiles that go well with a variety of types of salads and meals. Plus, making your own vinaigrette at your Ohio home is extremely easy with the olive oil recipe below, and you can expect it to last up to a couple weeks in the fridge when you’re done!


The most traditional type of vinaigrette involves three parts olive oil to one part vinegar (usually tablespoons, unless you’re making it in very large quantities). You might adjust the amount of vinegar you use based on the kinds of greens in your salad. Thicker, heartier greens like kale can tolerate a bit more vinegar, while lighter greens like spring greens or arugula might be better off if you go a bit lighter on the vinegar.

In any case, your main two ingredients are the olive oil and vinegar of your choice. Any ingredients after that are completely optional. You might add Dijon mustard for a bit of creaminess or flavor depth. Maple syrup or honey might also be used to give some sweetness to balance out the vinegar. Salt and pepper in small quantities will also improve the flavor, and garlic can help your dressing pack a bit of an extra punch.

Here are just a few examples of some varieties of vinegar and olive oil dressing you can make in your Ohio kitchen:

  • Balsamic vinaigrette: Balsamic vinaigrette has an extremely bold flavor with a hint of sweetness. You’ll find it perfectly complements green salads that have fruits like strawberries, apples or peaches. Strawberry arugula salads, for example, are extremely common, especially in the summertime.
  • White wine vinaigrette: White wine pairs nicely with vegetables and salad ingredients with more delicate flavors. If you have a salad that will feature zucchini, spring greens, sweet corn or cucumber, you might give a white wine vinaigrette a try.
  • Red wine vinaigrette: Red wine vinegar works well with other bold flavors, such as bell peppers, olives, feta cheese and various other types of bright vegetables, including tomatoes. You’ll often find it used on Greek or Italian salads, which tend to include other ingredients to create a bold flavor profile.
  • Apple cider vinaigrette: You can use apple cider vinegar to make a dressing that has a very sweet tang and a sort of apple taste to it.
  • Champagne vinaigrette: This type of vinaigrette uses champagne vinegar. It’s even milder than white wine vinegar, so if you’re worried about overwhelming the flavor of the salad, you might consider trying out this option.

These are just some of the types of vinaigrettes you can make using the ingredients listed above. You’d be amazed at how much switching up the flavors of vinegar you use will change the taste of the dressing! For more information about vinegar and olive oil recipes in Ohio, we encourage you to contact the team at Liquid Manufacturing Solutions, Inc. today.

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