The Various Benefits of Olive Oil

April 21, 2020

Olive oil can be used for a number of different purposes, not just its delicious flavor (although we think that’s the best one of all). This readily available oil can pinch-hit in a lot of different circumstances, making it a great addition to your bathroom and household cleaning cabinet—not just your kitchen. Here are some of our favorite olive oil benefits and alternative uses in Ohio:

  • A natural bath oil: To take advantage of olive oil’s moisturizing effects, run a tablespoon or two into your bathwater. (If you’re using bubble bath, be aware that the oil will interfere with the suds.) For an even more luxurious experience, add a few drops of scented oils.
  • Help an earache: Dip a clean cotton swab in olive oil, then carefully apply it to your outer ear canals to help move excess wax out.
  • Hair pomade and conditioner: Like the slicked-back look of 1950s and ‘60s hair? Use a small amount of olive oil on dry hair as a type of pomade—which has the bonus of conditioning your hair in the process. If you prefer a clean-but-extra-shiny look, apply it to wet hair and dry as usual. Remember, less is more.
  • Get rid of lice: Children tend to be magnets for lice, particularly when they’re in school. Get rid of lice the natural way by applying olive oil to your child’s scalp. Leave it on for 40 minutes (this will kill the lice), shampoo twice and use a doctor-recommended preventative treatment to keep them from coming back.
  • Soothe a sore throat: If your throat is feeling itchy or sore, take a small sip of olive oil to coat your throat and help ease the tickle or soreness.
  • Makeup remover: Olive oil makes a great makeup remover, thanks to its ability to loosen even waterproof pigments from the skin. Your makeup will come off in an instant, and your skin will appreciate the extra moisture. Use a cotton swab dipped in olive oil or your fingers, then wipe off with a damp towel or tissue.
  • Fix squeaky hinges and locks: The squeaky hinge gets the olive oil? It’s true—a dab of olive oil on squeaky hinges can lubricate the metal so you can enjoy some peace and quiet.
  • Condition leather jackets and shoes: Leather jackets and shoes need to be moisturized as much as your own skin does. Massage a small amount into your leather goods (test a discreet area first) to keep them looking supple and fresh.
  • Take care of diaper rash: If your baby has irritated skin from their diapers, apply a small amount of oil over the affected area. Don’t use it if the skin has broken, your doctor advises against it or you’re not sure about potential allergic reactions.
  • Clean your garden tools: Finally, you can use olive oil to clean your garden tools—get all that dirt, grime and plant matter off in a matter of seconds when you spritz them with oil.

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