Benefits of Working with a Co-Packer

May 19, 2020

How can you improve your production process? To enhance your operations and grow your brand, partner with a co-packer. When you take advantage of olive oil co-packing in Ohio, you’ll reap a host of benefits:

  • Cost reduction: Let someone else take on the costs of infrastructure and labor. When you take advantage of olive oil co-packing in Ohio, you don’t have to equip your facility to handle this part of the process. You’ll save on equipment, workforce and certification costs. The funds you would have spent on these items can be diverted to other areas of the company, such as marketing, to continue to grow your business.
  • Knowledge and experience: Co-packers can bring insight on distribution, labeling and other aspects of the process to your operations. This invaluable knowledge and experience can enable you to take your business to the next level. Together, you can create better solutions than you could accomplish on your own.
  • Logistical advantage: When you work with one partner, your warehousing and logistics become easier. Streamlining this process can reduce mistakes, improve efficiency and boost your bottom line. Your co-packer can provide facilities to make sure your products are readily available for shipping and receiving. They can handle the details of logistics, while you reap the benefits of efficient business practices.
  • Certifications: To sell or distribute certain products, companies must pass specific compliance regulations or obtain required certifications. These can be time consuming and costly to acquire. However, if you work with a co-packer, this company can provide the necessary certifications. They have completed the steps necessary to qualify and possess the certifications that make them perfect for the job. For example, Liquid Manufacturing Solutions, Inc. offers FDA, kosher, CCOF, non-GMO, SQF and ODA certifications to handle a full range of packing needs.
  • Scalability: On your own, you may hit a ceiling to your growth. You can only do so much with the equipment and manpower you have on hand. However, by partnering with a co-packer, you can meet increased demands for production. The co-packer can provide the additional teams and equipment you need to grow your business.
  • Convenience: What could be more convenient than someone else doing all the heavy lifting for you? Companies who specialize in olive oil co-packing in Ohio have already invested in the resources you need for success. Why re-invent the wheel? Why do more than you need to? By partnering with a co-packer, you can sit back and enjoy the benefits of their investment.

Reap the benefits

For reliable olive oil co-packing in Ohio, turn to the professionals at Liquid Manufacturing Solutions, Inc.. We are a local, privately owned business in southeast Ohio that specializes in olive oil distribution. We carry a variety of oils, including olive, extra virgin, canola, soy and sunflower, so our clients can blend to create their own signature brand. Consider us your oil boutique packing company for commercial distribution. Our oils come from Italy, Spain, Greece, Morocco, Argentina and Tunisia to provide the best quality for retail, food service and private labels. Call now for a free quote.

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