How to Get Your Olive Oil Business Off the Ground with a Co-Packer

June 22, 2020

Partnering with an olive oil co-packer in Ohio is the smart way to get your olive oil business off the ground. Of course, there are best practices when using this strategy. Use the following checklist to make the most of your partnership.

Establish a narrow goal

If you’re not sure exactly what you want from your olive oil co-packer in Ohio, you’ll waste resources on small batches of prototypes to narrow your focus. Going in with a good idea of the specifications you’ll require will help you decide which company to choose. This requires defining the details of what you’ll need ahead of time. Once you have established your needs, research what each co-packer has to offer regarding fees, equipment and quantity offerings. Then you’ll be able to decide which one would be the best partner for you.

Develop your product

The olive oil co-packer in Ohio that you choose should be able to help you develop your product. They can assist with the details of creating the product and its packaging and how to scale up to the production level you need. Not all olive oil co-packers in Ohio are well-versed in these details, so be sure to find one who can help you make your process seamless.

Choose your co-packer

Once you’ve established which company you’d like to partner with for your olive oil business, share the details of your plan with the co-packer. If you are concerned about sharing company secrets, you can ask them to sign a non-disclosure agreement. However, this may not be necessary at such early stages. At this point, you simply want to determine if the co-packer agrees that they are a good fit with your company and this will be a good partnership. Be sure to share as much as possible so the company has enough information to make this assessment.

Move forward with success

After you’ve found an olive oil co-packer in Ohio, you’ll be ready to roll out production. Your partner can help you handle mass production that will streamline your business and get your product in customers’ hands. You’ll have the backing you need to fulfill orders to retailers, so be sure to work on landing those contracts to display and sell your merchandise. Continue to work with your co-packer to discuss best strategies as you grow your business. Their expertise will prove invaluable as you get your olive oil business off the ground and continue to increase production.

Partner with the pros

If you’re looking for a reliable olive oil co-packer in Ohio, consider what Liquid Manufacturing Solutions, Inc. has to offer. We are the home of the incredible, edible oil. Our locally owned business specializes in olive oil distribution. We carry a variety of oils, including olive, extra virgin, canola, soy and sunflower, so our clients can blend to create their own signature brand. We are CCOF certified, SQF certified and non-GMO. We’re also part of the BBB, the Franklin Chamber of Commerce and the NAOO Association. Consider us your oil boutique packing company for commercial distribution. Call now for a free quote!

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