How to Distribute Your Olive Oil Brand

August 7, 2020

Liquid Manufacturing Solutions, Inc. specializes in helping entrepreneurs and business owners make their own private label olive oil brand in Ohio. Sampling, selecting and selling your own private label brand is an exciting venture for any olive oil lover, but it also takes some marketing expertise to ensure wide distribution and sales. The more retailers there are who are interested in your brand, the more likely it will be to hit the shelves of your local grocery stores, specialty food markets and even professional kitchens.

Preparing your olive oil brand for success is a key part of your business plan. Here’s how to successfully distribute your own private label:

  • Know your market: To make sure your olive oil stands out in a crowded market, you’ll need to figure out how to set it apart from the other options out there. What makes your product different than the rest? Is it of higher quality? Is it designed for cooking, or as a flavorful accent to dishes? Is it made from a single type of olive grown in an exotic locale, or is it locally-grown and produced to appeal to farm-to-table aficionados? Find your niche, then survey the other products in that category. Everything from the product itself to its packaging and marketing can give you an edge.
  • Have a product ready: Before you can distribute your product, you need to have a finished olive oil ready to share with distributors and sales agents. After all, you can say, “I have a delicious, high-quality olive oil at a mid-range price point” all you want, but buyers need to know what they’re getting. You should also have a general marketing plan and a production plan ready, in case your olive oil brand suddenly becomes more popular than you expected. Distributors need to know you have a product line ready to go and the means to produce more when necessary.
  • Create a marketing plan: After you know your market, it’s time to create a marketing plan. This ranges from how your olive oil will be packaged (perhaps you want sustainable packaging, or have opted for bottles that could double as art pieces) to who your ideal customer is. How will you drive demand to your specific olive oil product? How will you get the word out to customers? Having a thorough and realistic plan will go a long way toward showing distributors that you’re serious about your product.
  • Find a sales agent or distributor: Finally, you need to start researching sales agents and distributors, then meet with your top candidates. Working with a sales agent or distributor makes it possible to immediately sell your olive oil product to a target market, rather than slowly building up your product’s presence yourself. The better you’re prepared, the more excited they’ll be to work with you.

When you’re ready to create your own private label olive oil for distribution in Ohio, team up with the experts at Liquid Manufacturing Solutions, Inc. Reach out to us today to get started with a consultation.

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