Bulk Organic Olive Oil for Beauty and Cosmetic Products

September 24, 2020

Using natural, organic ingredients for beauty products is all the rage these days. Consumers are more conscious than ever about what they put on their skin and in their hair, which leads beauty and cosmetic businesses to seek out cosmetic grade bulk olive oil in Ohio.

When you’re manufacturing natural, olive-oil based products, you need a supplier you can rely on. Liquid Manufacturing Solutions, Inc. is Ohio’s leading olive oil co-packer, offering high-quality bulk olive oil as well as soy, grapeseed and sunflower oils and more. Whatever your cosmetic company needs, we can provide USDA-certified organic oils for your manufacturing process.

Olive oil’s cosmetic benefits

We all know how great olive oil is to eat—and not just because it tastes delicious. Olive oil has a whole host of health and cosmetic benefits, too:

  • Contains antioxidants: Antioxidants prevent oxidation, a chemical reaction within your body’s cells. Oxidation creates free radicals, which can damage cells; antioxidants prevent that damage. Olive oil is rich in antioxidants, which helps prevent signs of aging when applied to the skin. It can also help reduce the effects of harmful UV rays. This makes it a great addition to any anti-aging formula, especially those designed to reverse the effects of sun damage.
  • Moisturizes and protects: Olive oil is a great moisturizer. It prevents water loss from the skin, which can make you look and feel dehydrated. Many people use it on its own to condition, moisturize and plump the skin, but sensitive acne-prone skin should steer clear. Use olive oil as an additive in your face and body moisturizers.
  • Conditions eyelashes and eyebrows: Taking care of eyelashes and eyebrows is important—as the bold brow look continues to dominate fashion, more consumers are concerned about keeping their features in good shape. Add to brow conditioners or mascara for a natural conditioning effect.
  • Safe to use daily: Unless you have acne-prone skin, olive oil and products containing olive oil are safe to use every day.
  • Works well with humectants: Glycerin and other humectants—that is, products or compounds that draw moisture from the air—are a great match for olive oil’s moisturizing and protecting benefits.
  • Heals wounds: Olive oil might even help your wounds heal faster. It contains compounds called triterpenes, which aid the skin in closing the wound, reducing inflammation and generating new skin.

Using olive oil in popular beauty products

Thinking about adding olive oil to your cosmetic products? You’re not alone. Many popular brands like Chi, Organix, Juice Beauty and Kiss My Face are investing in bulk olive oil in their cosmetic products in Ohio. It’s particularly popular in hair and bath treatments, thanks to its moisturizing properties. Facial moisturizers and makeup removers are also great ways to capitalize on olive oil’s numerous health and skin benefits.

To learn more about buying cosmetic grade olive oil for your private label in Ohio, get in touch with the team at Liquid Manufacturing Solutions, Inc. today. We pride ourselves on helping our customers find the perfect blend for any product.

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