How to Choose a Supplier of Bulk Extra Virgin Olive Oil

November 23, 2020

When you need bulk extra virgin olive oil in Ohio, choosing the right supplier is key. Choosing a good vendor isn’t just about picking the best product—you also want to pick one who is appropriately close, specializes in your specific olive oil types, has good lead times and is priced well, among other factors.

If you don’t know how to choose an extra virgin olive oil supplier in Ohio, here are some factors you should take into consideration:

  • Location: Olive oil tends to be an imported item, so you’ll often see suppliers on either the east or west coasts. Knowing their location is important, because it impacts lead times and shipping costs. For example, a supplier in your own state is able to get the products to you much quicker than someone a state (or a country) away. Similarly, shipping costs are affected by distance. Look at the total delivered cost as compared to the shipping costs, as they’re not necessarily the same thing. Some suppliers have better pricing per order than others, which may not depend on location.
  • Product quality: Obviously, you want the finest olive oil available at your price point. Do they have their own quality control audits in place? These can include good manufacturing practices, hazard analysis and critical control point (HACCP) systems, organic audits, third-party audits and more. Find out what kinds of measures they take to guarantee each batch is delicious.
  • Responsiveness: You’ll need a company who is available to answer your questions and help you determine what kind of product you need. For example, you need to know what kind of oil will work best for your line and why, and someone who can help your company meet your specific needs.
  • Type of product listing: Do you only need olive oil, or do you work with multiple types of oil? This will determine whether you go with a specialty or broad supplier.
  • Owners vs. brokers: Brokers are basically redistributors—they buy and sell oil and send it to their clients. Owners, on the other hand, are the producers and shippers of the oil. Depending on your individual needs, both can be a good choice—it just depends on the goal you have in mind.
  • Domestic inventory: Whether a supplier has domestic inventory—that is, inventory ready to ship within the United States right away—can affect your choice, too. Many olive oil suppliers are located in the Mediterranean and will take months for their product to arrive, so if your business model depends on speed, a domestic inventory is a must.
  • Competitive pricing: Finally, consider the pricing. You need someone who will fulfill all the needs above, and will provide those services and products within an acceptable market rate. As with many things, the cheapest option doesn’t necessarily mean the best, so do your research.

Liquid Manufacturing Solutions, Inc. is an Ohio-based extra virgin olive oil supplier offering high-quality olive oils for your retail, food service and private label needs. Call today to get started.

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