Ways to Protect Your Wholesale Olive Oil Distribution Company

June 18, 2021

We know that owning and operating an oil distribution company is hard work. It’s all about importing the finest-quality oils and establishing a supply chain that’ll deliver products to the right partners at the right time.

But what happens when that new partner decides to order their olive oil directly from the manufacturer or go with another distribution company? All of that hard work has gone to waste! Thankfully, there are ways to protect your distribution company so that you don’t get the short end of the stick.

This post will cover a few of the top ways you can protect your company and maintain quality relationships with your existing partners.

Draw up a non-compete agreement

The top way to protect yourself from losing a new customer to another distributor is to create a non-compete agreement with your partner. This document will bar the client from working with one of your competitors—but as long as you’re providing quality service, that shouldn’t be a concern.

Sell under your private label brand

Creating your own olive oil brand is a lot easier than you might think. All you really need to do is pick out a bottle and hire a graphic designer to create a label for the new brand. Be sure to also get a lawyer to draw up any necessary documentation for your new brand.

Utilize blind shipments

If you’re worried about your customer buying olive oil in bulk directly from the manufacturer, it’s possible to use “blind shipments.” Although the product can come directly from the manufacturer, all of the paperwork will point back to your business.

Why partner with Liquid Manufacturing Solutions, Inc.?

Are you looking to buy olive oil in bulk? Then look no further than Liquid Manufacturing Solutions, Inc.. Here are a few reasons to work with our professionals:

  • The best products: Customers who want the highest-quality olive oil know to buy it from Liquid Manufacturing Solutions, Inc.. We source our oils directly from the Mediterranean, where the finest olives are grown and turned into olive oil.
  • Affordable prices: Buying olive oil can get expensive, especially if you’re not buying it in bulk quantities. We have some of the best prices around for all of our products, so you know you’ll never overpay when you work with our professionals.
  • Fast distribution: You don’t want to wait around for weeks to get your olive oil shipment, and that won’t be a problem when you have us as a partner. Our vast distribution network allows us to deliver your oil within 10 days of receiving your order.
  • Trustworthy partners: Simply put, we provide a dependable and long-lasting relationship with all of our partners. We’re up-front and honest with everyone, so you know just what you’re getting when you work with us.

Now that you know how to protect your distribution company and why we’re the best olive oil partner around, it’s time to give us a call. Contact our team today to learn more about our products or to get an estimate for our services.

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