How Olive Oil Benefits Your Hair

April 20, 2022

People who have already used olive oil for hair always have those amazing stories about how it helps the hair by keeping it shiny, moist and strong, among other amazing benefits. The chemical elements in olive oil are squalene, palmitic acid and oleic acid. These elements provide olive oil with its softening qualities.

Researchers have found that olive oil’s major effect on hair is moisturizing. Some of the olive products with emollients include olive oil hair masks, conditioners, pomades and shampoos.

These hair products can strengthen and soften your hair by penetrating the cuticle and shaft of the hair. The shine effect mostly comes from the oil smoothening. But you may need to keep doing some experiments before you notice the best routine that might work magic on your hair.

Thick Hair

One of the benefits of olive oil is for thick and dry hair. It is said that olive oil can keep your hair strong and moist. Olive oil mostly weighs down all the thinner hairs. Scalps that are oily don’t necessarily need this conditioning.

Head Lice Removal

Olive oil can aid in the removal of lice from the scalp, but it is not effective compared to other conditioning or oil treatments. It is very important to always use the right comb and ensure you get rid of all the lice as well as their nits.

Split Ends

These products can help you smooth some of the burned or broken hair ends. Ensure you always apply it to the damaged strands. By just treating these ends, it will benefit your hair by ensuring it is pinned in order to prevent it from getting to your clothes.


If you are attempting to treat your dandruff, keep in mind that dandruff has many causes, such as fungus. There is no proven cure for dandruff, but using olive oil for your hair might help you reduce the flakes.

Ensure you massage your head well using olive oil directly on your dry scalp and comb all the dandruff flakes out. Leave some of the olive oil in your hands and make sure you cover your head with a shower cap for some extra hair conditioning.

Processed Hair

Heavily processed hair, such as hair that has already been treated with some hair products like perms, bleach, olive oil hair masks, or even relaxers, mostly benefits from some extra moisture. You only need to wait for at least 72 hours after doing the treatment before attempting to apply the olive oil. It is important to note that if you want to use olive oil on hair that is already bleached, you have to test it using one strand to ensure it won’t leave a green shade trace behind.

Using olive oil for hair products such as an olive oil hair mask can be beneficial for your hair. The olive oil routine is very simple to use if you really want to enjoy the benefits of olive oil products. Liquid Manufacturing Solutions, Inc. is your home where you can have incredible, edible oil. Visit us today at 401 Shotwell Drive, Franklin, OH 45005, or call us today.

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