How Do I Choose the Right Olive Oil?

August 15, 2022

If you pay close attention, you might have noticed that there are many types of olive oil to choose from. So, are they all the same? Which is the best? How do you pick out a good olive oil? This quick guide will help you better understand how olive oils can differ and which is the best. Keep reading to learn more. 


The first thing you should consider when you are picking out olive oil is the origin of the oil. How can you tell if olive oil is high quality? Quality olive oil is grown, pressed, and bottled all in the same country. This is an easy way to tell if you are dealing with a quality product or not. For instance, you might notice a label that says, “Product of Italy.” This can be tricky because it does not tell us where the olives were necessarily grown. This really only tells you that the product was packaged in Italy. Read the labels closely. When olive oil is grown, pressed, and bottled in the same country, the label will advertise it as a mark of quality.

Cold Pressed

You want an olive oil that did not undergo heat during the extraction process. When heat is used during this process, delicate flavors are destroyed. Some manufacturers use heat during extraction in an attempt to get more oil out of each olive. Although it does work, it does not produce the most flavorful or high-quality product. Look for cold-pressed olive oil to get the most flavor.


Another important factor is age. You should purchase olive oil that has a pressing date clearly printed on the label. Olive oil does not age well. You want fresh oil. If the pressing date is not on the label, you may be dealing with a less-than-reputable manufacturer.


Do not use color as a way to judge olive oil. Color does not indicate whether the oil is of high quality or not. Color can vary greatly.

Understanding Pure and Light Oils

If you see an oil labeled “pure” or “light”, this means that it was heat treated. This was done intentionally to create a neutral-tasting olive oil. This type of oil has its uses, though. Many people use this type for baking or deep-frying. These are healthy options but will not have the same rich flavor as cold-pressed ones.


Of course, taste must play its part. So, how do I pick out a good olive oil? It is best to shop for olive oil where you can taste it before you buy. Quality shops that deal in quality oils will encourage you to taste a sample before making a final choice. There is a whole world of olive oil flavors to suit any pallet and any cooking adventure.

Why Quality Matters

Olive oil is a wonderful way to add healthy fats and flavor to your food. If you are concerned about what goes into your body, you will want only the highest quality olive oil.

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