How To Choose the Right Olive Oil for Your Dish

October 12, 2022

Using olive oil for various dishes can benefit you greatly. However, you need to know which olive oil is best to cook with to reap the most benefits. The following is some information about the benefits of cooking with olive oil and how to choose the best brand for your meals. 

The Benefits of Using Olive Oil

Cooking with olive oil can offer a wealth of benefits you may not have been aware of. One of those benefits is that olive oil has antioxidants. Antioxidants can get rid of free radicals in your body and help fight chronic medical conditions. It also has a robust anti-inflammatory property that can help with joint pain.

Olive oil is an excellent digestive aid as well. It lubricates your entire digestive system when you consume it and balances the mucus in the colon. These positive processes make it much easier for you to go to the restroom, and they’re great for conditions such as constipation. 

What’s the Best Olive Oil To Use?

Before choosing the best olive oil for your dish, you need to know the different types you can buy. 

Extra virgin olive oil is typically known as the all-purpose type. Its quality is the best, and you can use it for various purposes. It’s okay to use it for sauteing veggies, roasting, frying, baking, and even making salad dressings. This type of olive oil has the least amount of acidity and is favored by many people. 

Virgin olive oil is minimally lower in quality in terms of acidity, and its taste is a little less appealing. Therefore, you may want to use this olive oil for every other purpose except making salad dressings, where you need the best taste. 

Regular olive oil goes through several processes, such as neutralizing, bleaching, and other refining, and its quality is lower than virgin olive oil. Thus, you should only use it for products that don’t depend on olive oil for flavor. 

Light olive oil is a product that has been mixed with other oils. Therefore, you will not reap the same benefits of eating this type of oil as you would if you consumed extra-virgin oil. However, it might serve a delightful purpose as a frying agent because you will be able to taste its ingredients. 

What Is the Best Olive Oil Brand?

There are many olive oil brands, and each person’s choice is a personal decision. You’ll need to consider factors such as the price, taste, and health benefits you can get from the brand you choose. Some of the top olive oil brands include:

  • Pompeian
  • Bragg
  • Kirkland
  • Filippo Berio
  • Great Value

Great Value is listed as one of the best olive oil brands because of its literally great value. Pompeian came out at the top of the list because of its amazing taste. You will need to test a few brands before deciding which is right for your specific projects. Take your time and have fun eating different meals. 

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