Can Packaging Affect Olive Oil Quality?

December 12, 2022

Are you wondering what the best packaging for quality olive oil is? In case you were not aware, packaging and storage can all impact the quality of olive oil. How you store and package olive oil may not always be a direct thought. This guide is meant to help you come up with a plan ahead of time, so you know what to do with the olive oil once it makes it into your home.

Packaging & Olive Oil

Can packaging affect olive oil quality? It certainly can. The most important element of packaging olive oil is the color of the bottle. The color of the bottle directly impacts the amount of light that is able to shine through. It is always preferred to use darker shades, including greens, blacks, ambers, or dark blues, over plastic and clear glass. Clear glass and plastic will allow for too much light to come through, which can affect the quality of olive oil. What is the recommended packaging for olive oil?  When purchasing olive oil, look for one packaged in darker-colored bottles.

The material of the bottle also has an impact on the quality of the oil. Glass is a better choice for bottling olive oil over plastic. Some olive oil is available in plastic bottles, but it is too porous to accurately keep the oil protected against heat, moisture, and light.

Storage & Olive Oil

If you were asking, “How can packaging affect olive oil?” don’t forget to ask about storage. Here are the following ways in which olive oil should be stored:

  • Keep it in a cool location – Olive oil should be kept at room temperature, no more than 70 degrees Fahrenheit, but no less than 50 degrees Fahrenheit. Olive oil should never be stored directly in sunlight or by a heater or outside. Room temperature is good enough to keep olive oil cool.
  • Keep it in a dark location – Besides keeping your olive oil in a cool location, it should also be kept in a dark location to prevent any light from getting through it. This is why looking for a darker green bottle when shopping for olive oil is important. The color of the bottle will help in keeping the olive oil fresh. When purchasing in bulk, search for a drum or a cardboard tote. These are all options that will prevent light from getting into your olive oil bottle.
  • Keep it Sealed – Your olive oil should always be sealed tight when it’s not used so it is never exposed to air. Oxygen can also increase the process of oxidation. Olive oil should always be stored in a bottle that is closed tightly.

Failure to follow these above tips when purchasing olive oil and storing it properly will only speed up the process of it spoiling. Olive oil is still safe should you consume it after spoiling, but it won’t taste the same nor will it taste great. It may also present an awful odor. You may also notice the olive oil beginning to turn a lighter color.


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