How To Spot Spoiled Olive Oil

December 26, 2022

What does spoiled olive oil look like? You may be worried when cleaning out your pantry that your olive oil has expired. After a while, it is normal for olive oil to go bad, but normally there are indicators that will definitely give you your answer. Continue reading to learn about the various indicators that your olive oil has spoiled.

How to Know If Olive Oil Is Spoiled

If you want to know if olive oil is spoiled, keep reading.

Smell It

Spoiled olive oil typically has an odor. Simply pour a little bit of olive oil into a cup and smell it. If it has an unpleasant smell similar to rotten fruit, then this is a good indicator that your olive oil has spoiled. Many people also compare the smell of spoiled olive oil to Elmer’s glue.

Taste It

Another way to spot spoiled olive oil is by tasting it. You can simply warm a cup of olive oil up to about room temperature. Once it is warm, you can taste just a small spoonful of oil in your mouth. Avoid swallowing the olive oil. When slurping, be sure to exhale. If the olive oil has no taste, it is spoiled. If it is spoiled, you need to make sure that you throw it away.

Tips for Preventing Olive Oil From Spoiling

Here are some tips on how to prevent olive oil from spoiling. The best way to prevent your olive oil from going rancid is to check the date that it was harvested before you even purchase it. You should stick to purchasing the newest bottle on the shelf. You can expect the shelf life of extra virgin olive oil (EVOO) to be about two years after the harvest date, even if you store it properly.

Also, don’t forget to purchase olive oil that is packaged in metal tins or dark glass. This will prevent the light from being able to shine through the bottle, thus preventing it from going bad. This will extend the life of your olive oil.

Furthermore, don’t forget to store your oil in a location that is dark and cool. If you have no plans on using your olive oil anytime soon, at least within a year of purchasing it, it is safe for you to store your olive oil in the fridge. The oil will simply get firmer while in the fridge but will return to its normal state once removed from the fridge.

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