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Check Out This Olive Oil and Garlic Spaghetti Recipe!

January 11, 2021

There are endless ways to cook with olive oil in Ohio, but one of our favorite ways to use olive oil is when making pasta. If you’re looking for a simple spaghetti with olive oil recipe that doesn’t require a lot of time, give this one a try. Ingredients Gather all of the ingredients listed below to prepare this delicious spaghetti with garlic and olive oil recipe in Ohio. This recipe is easy and works really well with grilled chicken, steak or seafood. You can also pair it with a fresh salad to lighten the meal. One pound dried spaghetti... View Article

10 Facts About Olive Oil

December 28, 2020

Olive oil is a culinary tradition passed down for generations. While almost every home in the United States has a bottle of olive oil in the pantry, most people don’t know much about olive oil production in Ohio. Fortunately, we’ve spent years getting to know everything about this incredible product and have learned a few fascinating facts we’re sure you’ll enjoy. How much do you know about olive oil? We can go on and on about the many olive oil benefits in Ohio. However, we’re here today to discuss the interesting facts about this pantry staple: Archaeological evidence suggests that... View Article

How to Start a Private Label Olive Oil Business

December 7, 2020

If you’re thinking about starting a private label olive oil business in Ohio, it’s important to know what you’re in for. It’s not just a matter picking some delicious oil and waiting for the profits to roll in. You’ll also need to engage in some market research, contact distributors and more. Here’s what you’ll need to think about when you’re considering starting your own private label olive oil company. What is private labeling? Private labeling allows grocery stores, restaurants, wholesale distributors or other food service suppliers to buy olive oil and sell it under their own private brand. Think of... View Article

How to Choose a Supplier of Bulk Extra Virgin Olive Oil

November 23, 2020

When you need bulk extra virgin olive oil in Ohio, choosing the right supplier is key. Choosing a good vendor isn’t just about picking the best product—you also want to pick one who is appropriately close, specializes in your specific olive oil types, has good lead times and is priced well, among other factors. If you don’t know how to choose an extra virgin olive oil supplier in Ohio, here are some factors you should take into consideration: Location: Olive oil tends to be an imported item, so you’ll often see suppliers on either the east or west coasts. Knowing... View Article

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