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Sentio EVOO 35 lb Box

Co-Packing vs. Private Label in Ohio

September 3, 2019

Do you use the terms “co-packing” and “private label” interchangeably? Many people do, but this is an incorrect application of the terms. The two methods are quite distinct. Private label in Ohio involves different processes than the tasks performed by a co-packer in Ohio. Here’s an overview of each of these terms to distinguish the difference. Co-Packing A co-packer in Ohio takes on the task of both manufacturing a good and packaging it for another company. A mutually agreed upon contract guides this work. The contract typically states that the co-packer will produce the goods as if the other company... View Article

High-Quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Tips for Purchasing High-Quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil

July 29, 2019

If you’re not very well educated in the world of extra virgin olive oil, you might be wondering exactly how you can guarantee you’re getting a high-quality bottle of oil when you’re out at the grocery store. The good news is that there are only a few things you really need to look for on each bottle to be sure of its quality. You don’t need to have a thorough understanding of how the fruits are harvested or how the oil is processed. If you really care about getting a bottle of olive oil for sale in Ohio that is... View Article

Benefits of Extra Virgin Olive Oil

The Health Benefits of Extra Virgin Olive Oil

July 26, 2019

Olive oil is one of the healthiest oils you’ll find in the world. In fact, there have been numerous studies performed that show people are more likely to live longer, healthier lives in the regions of the world (like the Mediterranean) that tend to consume olive oil the most. So, what exactly is it about extra virgin olive oil in particular that is so healthy? Here are just a few examples of the biggest health benefits associated with extra virgin olive oil, courtesy of an olive oil importer in Ohio: Antioxidants: Extra virgin olive oil is an outstanding source of... View Article

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