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The Value In Understanding Olive Oil Distribution

March 26, 2023

  The Value In Understanding Olive Oil Distribution The market for extra virgin olive oil is growing in popularity. It is becoming more widely used in food and beverages, personal care, and aromatherapy. As such, there are many benefits held in understanding how olive oil is distributed and produced. Benefits Of Olive Oil Olive oil is a complex food fat that contains a mixture of triglycerides, fatty acids and other compounds such as sterols and waxes. Olive oil has many benefits for the body including helping to improve brain health, reduce risk of heart disease and lower triglycerides. This is... View Article

5 Reasons To Give Olive Oil Gifts This Holiday Season

November 26, 2022

Is olive oil a good gift to give? Not only is olive oil a great gift to give to your friends and family this holiday season, but it is also packed with many benefits for your health and for cooking. It is considered an adaptable ingredient and can be used in various meals aside from the plentiful beauty and health benefits it offers.  Reasons To Gift Olive Oil Are you asking “What kind of olive oil gifts are there?” Olive oil can be given in many ways and is beneficial when given as a gift. Here is your very own... View Article

Using Olive Oil for Healthy Skin

September 15, 2022

Can you use olive oil on your skin? Olive oil for skincare is a major topic in the beauty industry. That’s why some people are currently searching for the most appropriate products that are consistent with the benefits offered by olive oil. So, what are the benefits of using olive oil on your face? 1. Antibacterial Properties One of olive oil’s standout properties is its antibacterial benefits. This means that it can help cleanse your skin and eliminate any blemishes. If you have pimples or acne, this is the oil you need to use to get the right results. Studies... View Article

How Do I Choose the Right Olive Oil?

August 15, 2022

If you pay close attention, you might have noticed that there are many types of olive oil to choose from. So, are they all the same? Which is the best? How do you pick out a good olive oil? This quick guide will help you better understand how olive oils can differ and which is the best. Keep reading to learn more.  Origin The first thing you should consider when you are picking out olive oil is the origin of the oil. How can you tell if olive oil is high quality? Quality olive oil is grown, pressed, and bottled... View Article

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